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Learn to windsurf with the Madloop windsurfing school in Auckland

Equipment for all levels

Expert instructors

Located at Lake Pupuke

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Private and group windsurfing lessons in Auckland

You’ll start with a short land session if it’s your first time windsurfing. From there you’ll get out on the water with an instructor to walk you through how to sail, balance and turn. 


Once you’ve got the basics sorted, you’ll move onto more advanced gear and learn tacks, gybes, planing, and how to use the footstraps & harness.


Outside of lessons, you can also get supervised rentals where you go out on your own with the comfort of knowing someone is looking out for you on the water.

Pricing for windsurfing Auckland lessons

Windsurfing lesson prices

$ 70/hour
  • $65 each if you bring a friend & share a coach
  • Wetsuit & equipment hire included
  • Guaranteed you get going first try

Windsurfing rental prices

$ 35/hour
  • $65 for 2 hours
  • $85 for 3 hours
  • $130 for 1 day

We can teach beginner windsurfers:

  1. The wind direction and how it affects the board and sail.
  2. How to set up the board and rig the sail.
  3. Basic sailing techniques such as steering, controlling speed, and tacking (turning the board into the wind to change direction).
  4. How to use your body weight and balance to control the board and sail.
  5. How to recover when you come off the board.
  6. Basic safety rules and how to avoid collisions on the water.
beginner windsurfing lessons auckland

We teach intermediate windsurfers:

  1. Planing – Using the wind to pick up speed and ride on top of the water.
  2. Carving – Turning the board sharply while maintaining speed.
  3. Jumping – Using waves or chop to launch into the air.
  4. Jibing – Turning the board downwind by shifting the sail and weight.
  5. Harness-use – Using a harness to reduce strain on the arms and improve control.
  6. Duck-jibes – Turning the board by passing the sail beneath the wind.
  7. Freestyle – Performing tricks and jumps, such as spins and loops.
  8. Windward-leeward – Sailing upwind and downwind in a zigzag pattern around a set of buoys or markers in a race.
  9. Windfoiling – Using a foil, rather than a fin to generate life and speed in lighter conditions.

How to get started


Click enquire now and speak with Alan


Come down to Lake Pupuke where we’ll set you up with an instructor


Learn everything from the basics to planing, harness usage and gybes

What our students are saying

Get started windsurfing today

Windsurfing is a thrilling and exhilarating water sport that combines the rush of speed and the freedom of sailing. Whether you’re racing across the water, jumping waves, or performing tricks, windsurfing is an incredibly fun activity that provides an exciting challenge for all skill levels.