WindFoiling in Auckland

What is WindFoiling?

WindFoiling is an amazing new addition to the world of windsurfing. WindFoiling boards are like regular windsurfing boards, except with the addition of a set of hydrofoils that allow you fly above the surface of the water in even lighter wind conditions.

When WindFoiling, it is possible to be foiling at high speeds from anywhere between 7 knots of wind up to 30 knots of wind. You can use much smaller sails than normal for WindFoiling, there is less pressure on your body, and the sensation of flying around is really addictive.

There is no doubt that this new type of windsurfing is amazing. The learning curve for WindFoiling is much faster than you would expect and, once you give it try, you won’t be able to wait to get out there on the water again. Also be sure to check out Wind Foil NZ.

WindFoiling Lessons & Rentals with Madloop

Madloop WindSurfing School is based on Lake Pupuke, a short distance from the Auckland CBD and Takapuna. At Madloop, we offer both WindFoiling lessons and rentals to everyone from kids to adults. We use Starboard, Naish, and Axis foils and boards. Come check us out and try WindFoiling for yourself today! To book, call or text Alan at 021 958812 or get in touch on our Contact Us page.

Lesson & Rental Pricing


$ 70/hour
  • $65 each if you bring a friend & share a coach
  • Buy 5 lessons and get one for free
  • Wetsuit & all equipment hire included


$ 40/hour
  • $75 for 2 hours
  • $90 for 3 hours
  • $140 for 1 day