Sailing Lessons & Rentals in Auckland

Rent Hobie Cats, Lasers & Open Bics

Madloop Windsurfing joined with Meltemi Beach Cats to bring you the best Hobie Getaway, Laser, Open Bic, and Opti dinghy sailing! Based at Lake Pupuke on Auckland’s North Shore, we offer instructed sailing lessons and sailboat rentals. We are open every day except Mondays all year round. We specialize in private sailing lessons, 1-on-1 or bring a friend or two if you prefer. Our boats you can learn in:
  • Hobie Getaway
  • Laser
  • Open Bic

Hobie Getaway Catamaran Sailing and Rentals

This is the only Hobie in Auckland available to rent!

Catamaran sailing is immensely fun. In a great many respects, sailing a dinghy and sailing a catamaran are the same thing, but the design and operation of a catamaran can make for a lot more thrills and action than regular monohull sailing.

You can learn more about Hobie Cat Rentals on the Meltemi Beach Cats website

Hobie Cat Rentals

Laser Sailing Lessons and Rentals

Laser dinghy sailing offers the very best in competitive single-handed yacht sailing and is popular the world over with beginners and world-class sailing professionals alike.

Laser dinghy sailing is exciting, fun, and challenging enough to attract some of the world’s best sailors. It is perfect for those that want to learn to sail or even just get out there and have fun on the water.

Open Bic Sailing Lessons and Rentals

The Open Bic, often simply referred to as the Open Bic, is a single handed sailboat designed for younger sailors. Super fun!

Pricing for sailing lessons & rentals in Auckland

Sailing lesson prices

$ 70/hour
  • All equipment hire included
  • Buy 5 lessons and get 1 for free

Hobie Cat rental prices

$ 60/hour
  • $75 for 2 people
  • $85 for 3 people

Laser & Open Bic

$ 50/hour
  • $75 for 2 people
  • $85 for 3 people