WingFoiling in Auckland

WingFoiling is the sport of riding a foil board – or a standard SUP – while carrying a hand-held inflatable sail.
Madloop’s been there from the very beginning of WingFoiling and have been teaching WingFoiling since Aug 2019 using all the latest boards, sails and technology from the top brands!
We have all the best techniques to teach you how to WingFoil very easily, and show you how to get the best out of this amazing new sport.

WingFoiling is a new sport that is a cross between WindSurfing and KiteSurfing. It’s a hand-held wing you can use on regular windsurf boards, paddle boards, or boards with hydrofoils underneath.

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$60.00 pr hour
Or 2 or more persons $55.00 per person.
Or a special deal
Buy 5 lessons, get one lesson free $295.00

WingFoiling Lessons & Rentals in Auckland

Madloop Wing surfingWingFoiling is not supposed to replace windsurfing, kiteboarding, and surfing. It’s a complement, an addition, an alternative, and a subgenre of wave riding and sailing.

WingFoiling was not designed to ride faster or jump higher. That’s not the point.

It’s all about carving around, having fun, and bringing the wind element to water sports enthusiasts that have only experienced wave riding and have never sailed before.

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