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If you are looking to hire the very latest and the very best windsurfing gear around, you've got to come to the Madloop Windsurfing Centre at Lake Pupuke on Auckland’s North Shore.

Madloop Windsurfing carries a huge range of the very latest Hot Sails Maui and Starboard Boards which get updated every year to ensure that Madloop windsurfers benefit from the very latest technology, delivering maximum windsurfing performance. Gear is available for windsurfing lessons or windsurfing hire on the lake or for take away - for more information or to arrange windsurfing lessons or hire call Alan McIntosh on 021 958 812

Available Windsurfing Sails:

Manufacturer Sizes
Severne 4.0 to 7.5
Hot Sails Maui 0.8 to 8.0

Available Windsurfing Boards

Starboard Starts
Starboard Rios
Starboard WindFoil Boards
Starboard Phanthoms
Starboard Carves
Starboard Kodes





Stand Up Paddling (SUP) Boards


Starboard SUP boards of various sizes are available

Surf Board Rentals



Bic 5.10
Bic 6.7
Bic 7.3
Bic 8.4



Madloop Windsurfing Gear - JP Boards and Neil Pryde Sails









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