Windsurfing Lessons in Auckland

Learn to Windsurf at Madloop Windsurfing School

If you’re completely new to windsurfing or if you would like to improve on your windsurf technique Madloop’s instructed windsurfing lessons are perfect for allowing you to up your game and get the max out of your windsurfing.

Madloop have awesome windsurf lesson rates and our windsurfing gear and instructors are among some of the very best around, so contact us today to arrange your next windsurf lesson.

Windsurfing Lesson Rates:

Number of people Hourly Rate Per Person
One $50
Two or More $45

Windsurfing Lessons – Beginners

If you are a beginner you can trust Madloop to get you up and windsurfing in your very first session – that’s the Madloop guarantee! On your first session, we’ll put you on our onshore, windsurf simulator and take you through the techniques and windsurfing tips to help you master steering and basic board and sail control.

Once you’ve grasped the basics onshore, it’s onto the lake for some practice with one of our windsurf instructors to guide you through the steps to windsurfing success, progressively moving you to a smaller board with a larger sail as your confidence and ability increase – you’ll be amazed just how quick you can pick windsurfing up!

Windsurfing Lessons – Advanced

For more experienced or advanced windsurfers our instructors will help you focus on getting the most out of your windsurfing technique and focus on helping you achieve more advanced manouevers such as carve jibing, freestyle moves and wave riding. With newly released Starboard and Hot Sails Maui Madloop have got the best windsurfing gear around – check out our gear!