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Mad Loop

Windsurfing, Windfoiling & Wingsurfing in Auckland
The Madloop Wind/Wingsurfing Special!! There has never been a better time to get involved in Windsurfing or Wingsurfing with Madloop’s hot special! $60.00 per hour Or 2 or more persons $55.00 per person. Or Buy...
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Windsurfing Lessons in Auckland
Learn to Windsurf at Madloop Windsurfing School If you’re completely new to windsurfing or if you would like to improve on your windsurf technique Madloop’s instructed windsurfing lessons are perfect for allowing you to up...
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Contact Us
Alan McIntosh Phone: 021 958 812 Email: How to Find Us: The Madloop Windsurfing School is based at the water’s edge in Sylvan Park, at the bottom of Sylvan Park Ave, just off Kitchener Road,...
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Madloop Windsurf has a great range of Wingfoil, WindFoil and Windsurf gear to rent! If you are looking to hire the very latest and the very best windsurfing gear around, you’ve got to come to...
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Welcome to Madloop Windsurfing School

Learn to Windsurf in Auckland at Madloop

Welcome to Madloop Windsurfing! Based at Lake Pupuke on Auckland’s North Shore, Madloop is New Zealand’s biggest and best windsurfing centre and the only windsurfing school to teach 6 days a week, in both the summer and winter!

The Madloop Windsurfing Centre and Windsurf School is run by R.Y.A trained, windsurfing guru Alan McIntosh who has been helping windsurfers of all abilities get the most out of their windsurfing with Madloop since 1994.

Why Madloop for Windsurfing?

Apart from being New Zealand’s largest windsurf centre, Madloop offers a range of high quality windsurfing rentals and windsurfing lessons to help Madloop windsurfers get the most from their time on the water – if you have never been windsurfing before we guarantee to get you up and windsurfing in your very first session!

Madloop windsurfing has the very best and most up-to-date windsurfing equipment, carrying Hot Sails Maui and JP Boards. We also offer equipment rentals for windfoiling (windsurfing with a hydrofoil) and the innovative new sport of wingsurfing. We are the only school in New Zealand to offer windfoiling and wingsurfing lessons and rentals at this time.

Madloop is located on Lake Pupuke on Auckland’s North Shore, a short distance from Takapuna, making us really convenient to both the City and North Shore. Call Alan today on 021 958 812 to book a windsurfing lesson or rental session and get out on the water today!